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mooboohlayouts's Journal

Moobooh Layouts
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Arashi Layouts, Icons, Wallpapers, Fanvideos

Welcome to Moobooh Layouts

This community is about fanwork of any kind =D
We are mainly focusing on Arashi =)

I'm moobooh, the owner of this community =D
I've started making Arashi layouts in September 2009.
I used to post all my work on my journal but I thought that more people would get to see my work by making a community and that other people could also share their work on there too.
And here we are today =D

This Community was created on December 6th, 2010

Community Rules!

We don't have much rules.
Comment if you're taking anything
Crediting is an option, we have a few banners you can use if you'd like
Be respectful to the staff and members.
Please request at the request post

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